Friday, August 25, 2006

1/2 Year "Best of" List

The year is almost over so we might as well separate the great stuff from all of the crap.

Sunset Rubdown- Shut Up I Am Dreaming- the reason that I am doing this here list. More lyrical and artsy than Wolf Parade, but so much more. Not really catchy but the songs include phrases that you will want to use but then realize that they only work within the context of the songs. Ex: "I'm not that kind of whore, but I am a little Lord" what? Brilliant.

Band of Horses- Everything All the Time- A talented voice mixed with catchy melodies and a song (funeral) that will destroy all other songs of 2006. Plus, a live show that can't be stopped.

Shearwater- Palo Santo- Quite but frantic at times, this is the album where everything has come together for shearwater. Jonathan is finally alone as the front man and it pays off huge. Keep in mind that it may take a couple of listens to truly appreciate all of the yelps and banjo flourishes.

((sounder))- there is a sun....- another album that takes a few listens to catch all of the nuances that make it so wonderful. Recommended for long drives or long periods of time sitting in your house doing nothing.

Centro-Matic- Fort Recovery- The band's most focused album of their prolific career. Composed of smooth ballads and rollicking rockers, this band can do no wrong in my book.

Josh Ritter- The Animal Years- Josh is on the verge of becoming a household name as well as an adult contemporary star. The Animal Years includes songs that can stand alone as pieces of art, but when pieced together as whole, create a masterpiece. No one is writing better folk songs than Josh Ritter.

Voxtrot- both eps- No one overlooked this band except for you pitchfork. And now you're trying to make up for it? Huh, them bloggers recognized that sh** a long time ago. Austin represent.

The Sword- Age of Winters- The return of METAL!

Micah P. Hinson- The Baby & the Satellite- A collection of early recordings that reveal flashes of greatness. Raw vocals mixed with minimal backing puts the focus on the words and talent of this young Texan.

Vetiver- To Find Me Gone- Brand new to me, but I thought that I would throw it on the list just as a wild card. The few songs that I've heard are some of the best that have come out of the psych-folk genre. This is not "Devendra's friends band" or "freak-folk" this is just great songwriting and more importantly fantastic music.

Crap: why waste our time.


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